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    Ray Block Jr.

    Hello, everyone:

    I recently started learning how to analyze unstructured data, and I learned about Dedoose while reading a listserve for CAQDAS.

    I have a question: I recently committed to using NVivo to organize (and ultimately, analyze a literature). There are several documents and videos out there offering suggestions for folks who seek to use that software for doing "systematic literature reviews". Are there any guides out there for doing such literature reviews in Dedoose?

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    Eli Lieber

    Hi Ray,

    Funny you should ask as a rough draft on managing literature reviews is underway for an upcoming blog post. Actually, the database structure of Dedoose is ideal for lit reviews. You basically make use of descriptors for all article reference points (i.e. publication, authors, date, ...), import the media, link to the descriptor, excerpt, tag, and memo on content and your database is ready to analyze from any number of directions. Feel free to contact us at support@dedoose.com and we'll be happy to share more at this point if that would be helpful.



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