Teaching Qualitative Data Analysis Concepts with Dedoose

Alina Lieber -

As the number of researchers using software to aid in their analysis continues to rise, so does the number of instructors bringing software into the classroom. Professors teaching courses on qualitative analysis, research methods, mixed methods, dissertation or thesis preparation and various other topical classes, reach out to us quite often looking for resources on using Dedoose in the classroom. This webinar is our first step toward answering that question and supporting our community of instructors. 

Through this webinar you will hear: 
• Our advice on how to set up your syllabi using Dedoose. 
• Ideas for projects and exercises from our staff and from our 
• Successful strategies to organizing classroom wide projects. 
• How to set up your classroom account with Dedoose. 
• Tips on teaching methods, research based topics, and the busy 
dissertation group. 

View the Webinar here:

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