Creating and Maintaining Your Code Tree

Alina Lieber -

Creating and maintaining a code tree is vital to a successful qualitative data analysis or mixed methods project. The code tree/codebook/code system, is the outline or conceptual framework that you use to organize and understand your data. From there, it helps you address your research questions and then bring the story you are trying to tell to life for your audience.

But, what is the best way go about creating a code tree?

Well, the answer is, ‘It depends.’ While there are many ‘right’ answers, you need to find the best strategy for your needs. That is why it is best to get as much as advice as possible. Every new strategy you learn is another tool in your tool-belt.

In this webinar we will cover:
• Identifying themes and creating your code book
• Merging and splitting codes in Dedoose
• The effective use of child codes, or sub codes
• Mixed methods elements such as code weighting
• Inter-rater reliability (for individuals as well as teams)

Here is a link to view this webinar recording:

Creating and Maintaining your Code Tree

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