What is a descriptor field? Is it the same as a variable?

Alina Lieber -

You can think of these as the closed-ended questions you ask with the answers being the data points or values we just talked about. So, what is your name (‘text’-type field)? What ID number (‘number’-type field) did we assign to you? What is your gender (‘option list’-type field with valid values of ‘male’ and ‘female’? How cool do you think Dedoose is (‘option list’-type field with valid values of ‘strongly disagree,’ ‘disagree,’ neither agree or disagree,’ ‘agree,’ ‘strongly agree’? What is your birth date (‘date-type’ field)? So, common fields for people are gender, ethnicity, and age and fields can comprise more than just demographic information, but dates, survey measure responses, test results, anything that you typically store and manage as more ‘quantitative’ data.

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