What is a Training Center Test?

Alina Lieber -

A Training Center Test is a test a user can take created via the Training Workspace. This test evaluates your code application or code weighting system blindly to ensure the integrity and accuracy of your coding system based on information already input into the system.  In order for a code to be included into a Training Center Test, it must be attached to at least 2 excerpts.

There are two types of Training Center Tests.  The first, a Code Application Test, generates a test that asks you to apply a codes to excerpts blindly, if you apply the corresponding codes to the excerpts correctly, then your application of your codes is solid.  The second type of test, a Code Weighting/Rating Test, only includes codes that have code weighting activated.  This test presents you with excerpts and their attached codes, and then asks you to adjust the weight on each code as it relates to the excerpt, doing well on this test ensures that you have developed a consistent code weighting system.

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