Descriptor by Descriptor by Code Application/Weight Chart

Jose Gamez -

The Descriptor by Descriptor by Code Application/Weight chart has a great set of options for drilling even deeper into variations across population subgroups. These ‘nested’ or ‘cross-tab’ display charts allow for examination of the qualitative data and coding/weighting activity based on two descriptor fields. The example below shows the average weight assigned to excerpts coded with ‘Reading by Mother' across ‘Mother Primary Language’ within ‘Mother Work Status’ subgroups. These charts can expose variation in value, sentiment, importance, quality, etc. (anything you have used the weighting system to represent) across various levels in the overall population. In the example, we see an interesting interaction pattern with variations in the levels of primary caretaker reading quality as a function of mother language and work status (i.e., excerpts were rated generally higher for not working moms who are bilingual or English speaking but full or part-time working moms who speak Spanish).


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