Code Frequency by Descriptor Bubble Plots

Jose Gamez -

The Code Frequency by Descriptor Bubble Plots allow for a four-dimensional exploration and presentation of project data based on the frequency with which particular codes were applied to excerpts across the selected descriptor field sub-groups.


In the above example, from a study on the hotel characteristics reported as desirable across age and income level, the bubbles represent different annual income groups. The size of the bubbles represents the frequency with which the ‘Cost’ code was applied to excerpts within each sub-group. The X and Y axes represent the frequency with which the ‘Luxury’ and ‘Warmth’ codes were applied respectively. The highlighted bubble indicates that in comparison to other income groups, respondents reporting annual income of greater than $250K discuss issues of Luxury and Cost in hotel evaluations relatively more frequently and issues of Warmth relatively less frequently.

As with the code weight by descriptor bubble plots, these visuals can quickly expose complex multi-dimensional relations between variables across sub-groups and provide quick access to the underlying qualitative content.

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